The 2016 Palooza Crooza


Quick Review:

2016 Palooza Crooza

We had another great Crooza following the annual Pocket Yacht Palooza, with more than 30 small boats departing the Northwest Maritime Center on Sunday morning, June 12, to enjoy an overnight adventure together. (As usual, some boaters who had to return home early to to jobs, were only able to join the fleet for a few days, while the hard-core types survived all four days of the Crooza.)

Foul weather forecasts prevented us from going with the original plan, to round Point Wilson and head into the Strait of Juan de Fuca for stops in Discovery Bay, Sequim Bay and Dungeness Bay. (When you see “NW25-30 knots” in the Strait of Juan de Fuca forecast, you know it’s time to go elsewhere.

So, this year we embraced a variation on the 2015 Palooza Crooza route, by sailing, rowing, paddling and/or motoring from Port Townsend into Kilisut Harbor, overnighting the first night at Mystery Bay State Park.

The second day saw clouds and some rain as we pulled away from Mystery Bay and headed for Mats Mats Bay, to the south. After a boatshop tour at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, we fought through stiff wind and waves in Port Townsend Canal and continued south to Mats Mats. The weather moderated and folks had a nice overnight either aboard or ashore.

The next day brought the heaviest rain we’ve seen on any Palooza Crooza--simply torrential at one point. The smarter sailors headed home before the rains hit, but some of us stuck it out.

Wednesday, the final day, was absolutely glorious and we had an amazingly great sail north up the outside of Marrowstone, back to the Port Townsend area. On the way we caught a glimpse of orcas heading south through Admiralty Inlet--not a close encounter, but still exciting.

The 2017 Pocket Yacht Palooza will be at a later and no doubt warmer date, July 22, with the Palooza Crooza taking place immediately thereafter. We haven’t yet determined a destination or route for the Crooza, but details should be known before the end of 2016.

Here are a few shots from the 2016 Crooza...