Kirk Gresham – Melonseed

Kirk is a long time Port Townsend resident, avid small boater, and one of the founding members of the Port Townsend Pocket Yachters. His current pocket yachts are a Flicka 20′ moored at the Boat … See More

Bob Miller

Bob is a veteran Pocket Yachters member, having moved to Port Townsend in 2005. He is also an alum and retired instructor (maritime history) of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. In addition, he is … See More

Roger & Jo’s Walkabout

For our shameless self promotion:Roger and Jo came to Port Townsend in 1993 so Roger could attend NW School of Wooden Boat Building and they never left. Their current boat is Come What May, a … See More

Brandt Faatz – Folkboat Chloe

S/V Chloe is a 26’ Nordic Folkboat launched in 1960. Originally mahogany planked, she was replanked with Alaskan yellow cedar in the 1980’s. Her deck was later rebuilt, and a self-bailing cockpit added. Brandt Faatz … See More

Denis Meier – Bolger Micro

Modified Bolger Micro built in my garage here in rural Alberta near Edmonton. Sails from Duckworks. 4 hp Yamaha. Currently building a helm with wheel steering. Finding it hard to raise the mast and will … See More

Paul and Liz Grun – PickPocket

s/v PickPocket is a canoe yawl designed by Wm. Garden and published in his 1977 book Yacht Designs. He traces its roots to George F. Holmes who is described as the father of the canoe yawl … See More

Dan Pence – Electric Boat Ginger

Ginger is an electric boat by Dan Pence and Pat Spurlock of Portland Oregon. Launched in 1998 and still in the Pence family, Gingers hull is strip planked western red cedar over plywood bulkheads. Power … See More

Joel Bergens Navigator sailboat.

Joel Bergen

Ellie is a John Welsford designed Navigator yawl built by Joel Bergen in Mukilteo, Washington. With no formal boatbuilding or woodworking training, Joel began solo construction of Ellie in October of 2009 and finished 20 … See More

Opus – Larry & Lee

Opus is an 18.5’ Iain Oughtred-designed Wee Seal, owned by Lee Bjorklund and Larry Goerss. Opus lives in Seattle and usually sails Lake Union, Lake Washington and the Salish Sea. She’s participated in every Palooza, … See More