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Equipment List
For all Pocket Yachter Croozas, we recommend that
you have the following items aboard your boat:
  • One Coast Guard approved life jacket for each person aboard, plus one throwable if your boat is longer than 16 feet.


  • ​Fire Extinguisher – Required if your boat has an inboard engine; is longer than 26 feet, or has closed compartments for storage of fuel or other flammable materials.


  • Sound-Signaling Device – Some means of making an efficient sound signal (whistle, typically).


  • Navigation Lights – Boats under 23 feet in length, if not equipped with sidelights and a stern light, must have ready at hand a flashlight or lantern showing a white light that must be displayed in sufficient time to avoid a collision...according to Coast Guard regulations.

  • Visual Signaling – For boats under 16 feet, distress signals (red flares, flashlights) are required for distress signals between sunset and sunrise. For boats over 16 feet, requirements are for one orange distress flag and one electric distress light, or three handheld or floating orange smoke signals and one electric distress light, or three combination day-night red flares, handheld, meteor or parachute type.


  • Anchor and Rode – Anchor, chain and/or line appropriate for the boat. (We recommend but do not require two anchors, with suitable rode for the Crooza.)

  • Reboarding Device – A ladder, other device or plan for getting skipper/crew back in the boat in open water.

  • Compass – Magnetic or electronic compass.

  • Bilge Pump, Bailer, Buckets – Some way to bail out the boat.


  • VHF Radio – If handheld (ideally waterproof), bring extra battery. Monitor Ch. 69 during all active hours of the Palooza Crooza


  • Charts – paper or electronic.


  • First Aid – A basic or more-than-basic kit


  • Lines – enough for mooring and towing...or being towed.

  • Boat Fenders (at least 2)


  • Knife


  • Foul weather Gear, extra clothing for everyone aboard.


  • Water, food and cooking equipment for four days. (Don’t plan on restaurant meals....they don’t always exist on our route.)


  • Dry Bags to protect extra clothing and electronic gear.


  • Camping Gear, including tarp(s), for those tent-camping ashore.


  • Handheld GPS


  • Depth-sounding line and lead

  • Flashlight

  • Timepiece

  • Cellphone 


  • Camera to capture all of the memorable scenes.