Galen Piehl

Galen grew up in Port Townsend and is the webmaster for the pocket yachters. He tinkers with boat restoration and building, and owns a handful of boats. The only one currently on the water is his much loved 15′ CLC Skerry dinghy, with custom carbon rig and balanced lug sail. The rest of his fleet includes a 21′ power dory to be outfitted with a new cabin for cold weather cruising, and a 17′ Herreshoff rowing skiff. And there is a small camp cruising multihull sailboat on the drawing board. Galen appreciates beautiful boats of all types, from traditional to composite, monohull to multihull, sail to power. If you join a messabout with Galen you will often find him with a camera in hand snapping shots for the website.

Galen’s CLC Skerry with the green strake in the foreground.