New Port Townsend Pocket Yachters Logo!

Huge thanks goes out to our friend, and fellow small boat nut, Dale Simonson, for donating his incredible graphic art skills in the creation of the new Port Townsend Pocket Yachters logo. Some of you may recognize the inspiration for the logo, Lynn Watson’s beautiful boat Katie Mae. The logo really expresses the joy of our small boating club to perfection!

And if you are like me (Galen) and Marty, you would probably love to have a t-shirt, hat, and a burgee with it! Maybe even a bumper sticker.

I have spent a silly amount of hours trying to find a good print-on-demand company for shirts and hats. Using print-on-demand would make it so that members could order what they want, without our group having to purchase a large volume of shirts and hats up front.

Unfortunately, I have not found a print-on-demand company that will do what we need, with quality products. is one option. But shirts I have had printed from them recently were not great to start, and the graphics only lasted about four wash cycles before looking terrible.

I had hoped to have some ordering options for hats and shirts available before the Palooza events. But I now think that the best thing to do is to put in a group order for what we want, instead of going the print-on-demand route. So we will need to talk about this as a group.

Dale provided a number of different color options. For example, on a dark t-shirt, a lighter colored logo is required. I think it looks fantastic!

Showing a lighter color logo for darker backgrounds.

For embroidered hats, I played around with a lot of layout options. I have learned that the design cannot be very tall, so having the text under the sailboat will not work. I came up with one option of having PY next to the boat logo. Or we could just have the boat on the front, and Port Townsend Pocket Yachters on the back, or text on each side.

This is just a quick mock-up, using an online builder, with limited thread colors. There are likely many other options available.

See also the new burgee. We will need to do a group order of these to get them made.