Used Sails & Canvas For Sale & Wanted

The Artful Sailor Whole Earth Nautical Supply & Sail Exchange in Port Townsend has an inventory of used sails and canvas items, including the following: Over 60 sails and canvas items available, including: Cotton sails: mains, … See More

Gloucester Gull Rowing/Sailing Dory For Sale

TASWENS, official boat of Team Artful Sailor Phil Bolger Gloucester Gull, 15.5’ x 4 Complete with cruising gear and sailing rig Custom aleute-style oars w/ outriggers Traditionally hand-finished by EM 3x Veteran of 70/48, Salish 100, … See More

Wanted – 8lb Mantus Anchor

This is a long shot, but if anyone has a used 8lb Mantus anchor available I am looking to purchase one. Galen

Fortress FX7 4lb Aluminum Anchor For Sale

This anchor has been used, but very little. Still has the stickers on it. It’s in great shape. In the right bottom type, these have the most holding power for their weight, but are expensive … See More

Replica BC Handliner Rowboat For Sale

Replica of the BC Handliner, built to plans by Larry Westlake. 15’ X 47”. Graphite epoxied glass bottom. Meranti ply with DF wood. Sprit rig w/ a few simple sails for downwind sailing. Trailex aluminum … See More

Building Frames For A Penobscot 14

I have a complete set of pine temporary building frames and stem/transom profiles for anyone thinking of building a Penobscot 14. I’m happy to pass these on to anyone willing to donate $100 to either … See More

Bob Miller – Drascombe Longboat

Bob is a veteran Pocket Yachters member, having moved to Port Townsend in 2005. He is also an alum and retired instructor (maritime history) of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. In addition, he is … See More