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(July 20, 2019)

The eighth annual Pocket Yacht Palooza will be held Saturday, July 20, 2019 at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend, and will feature more than 60 small boats on the Commons, along the adjoining beach and next door at Point Hudson Marina.


The Palooza is a celebration of small-boat design, showcasing the widest variety of watercraft; wood, fiberglass, rowing, paddling, sailing and even a few small, traditional motorboats. There is some emphasis on boats suitable for camp cruising, but all interesting designs are welcome and equally appreciated.


Besides the boats and endless boat talk, we’ll share a potluck on the edge of the beach Saturday.


Following the potluck, those who are planning to take part in the ensuing Palooza Crooza (which starts the following morning) will gather for a skippers meeting either on the beach, or upstairs at the Maritime Center. Location of the meeting will be determined by weather that evening.




The Pocket Yacht Palooza is utterly free to boat owners and the public. Registration is just as simple; all you have to do is let organizer Marty Loken know you plan to bring a boat, give him a brief description of your craft and indicate if you’d like to display on its trailer or a boat stand, on the adjoining beach, or perhaps anchored just offshore with a tether line to shore. Marty’s email address is norseboater22@gmail.com


(July 21-23, 2019)

Crooza Update

We had originally talked about day cruising on Sequim Bay and out to Dungeness Spit and Protection Island and that the center of some activities will be at Sequim Bay State Park. THAT PART IS NOW WRONG: The park's launching ramp and boat-trailer parking areas being closed all summer due to reconstruction. And the park cannot have anything to do with hosting the Palooza Crooza, so all boaters wishing to day-sail on Sequim Bay or beyond MUST launch near the north entrance to Sequim Bay at John Wayne Marina, which has two side-by-side ramps and lots of trailer parking. Some of you who already have campsite reservations at Sequim Bay State Park should keep them, but please do not suggest to park rangers that you are part of the Palooza Crooza, or that you think the Crooza is being headquartered at the park. (And, as mentioned above, it you're camping at Sequim Bay State Park, you'll only be able to launch your boat and store its trailer at John Wayne Marina, north of the park by about two driving miles.)

A number of folks who are signed up for the Pocket Yacht Palooza want to daysail, paddle, row or motor their boats around Port Townsend Bay, or over to Rat Island, or into Kilisut Harbor and maybe Mystery Bay, rather than trailering 28 miles to Sequim Bay. (Some can only do their boating on Sunday the 21st, due to jobs or other commitments to be home by Sunday night.) Several others have expressed interest in trailering their boats out to Lake Ozette, to spend a few or several days beach-camping there.


So, altogether, this year's Palooza Crooza has NOT BEEN CANCELLED, as some have suggested, but rather--due to the Sequim Bay State Park situation--the Crooza has become a multiple-choice event this year: 1) Go ahead and daysail or overnight on your own hook inside Sequim Bay (not at the state park!); 2) Join others in day-sailing Port Townsend Bay, and/or maybe sleep aboard at anchor in Kilisut Harbor or Mystery Bay, perhaps after picnicking Sunday at Rat Island, or 3) Venture out to Lake Ozette for a few days of camp-cruising. (To explore this option, please contact organizer Doug Korlann via email at dkor@msn.com

Palooza Crooza Registration 


Like the Pocket Yacht Palooza, there’s no charge to participate in the Palooza Crooza. The only costs (and these depend on choices made by participants) should be campground or moorage fees at Sequim Bay State Park;  launching and/or guest-moorage costs and multi-night trailer parking for those who launch at John Wayne Marina and of course food and fuel.

The Palooza typically features 60-75 small boats on display, and the ensuing Palooza Crooza generally starts out with 20 to 30 small boats - with many needing to head home before the third day due to other
commitments. Weather can play a role, too, although last year we had great conditions and saw orcas on the last day.


In terms of pre-Crooza logistics, boats displayed in the water or on the beach during Saturday’s Pocket Yacht Palooza will be put back on their trailers either Saturday evening or early Sunday, so that we can convoy west from Port Townsend by 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

If you’d like to take part in the Pocket Yacht Palooza and/or the Palooza
Crooza (or if you have questions) please get in touch with Marty at 

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