Piscataqua River Wherry For Sale – 15′

This is a nearly brand new Piscataqua River wherry (actually a variant designed by Bud McIntosh of Dover New Hampshire for rowboat races that were part of the United States Bicentennial celebration in Portsmouth, NH). I chose to build this boat as I believed it would also be a nearly ideal fixed-seat recreational rowboat for the open bays typical of Puget Sound and especially here in Port Townsend, WA. It’s slippery yet it can easily handle the typical cross-chop of boat wakes that are a constant element of these bays. It also offers the typical narrow, flat wherry keel that allows the boat to sit upright on the beach and it’s light enough to be carried up above the surf line for camp cruising. This boat would be a perfect choice for someone who enjoys the performance of a sliding seat shell but wants the more seaworthy features of a fixed seat rowboat…and perhaps some beach picnics or even camping.

The wherry is 15 ft. long by 4 ft. beam (allows 8 ft. oars without outriggers); weighs about 120 pounds; and was built almost entirely from Alaska yellow cedar employing traditional lapstrake construction. natural crooks were used for knees and some other curved components. Copper and bronze fasteners; marine-grade paints and compounds. The builder was Matthew Straughn-Morse here in Port Townsend.

I’m asking $7500 for the boat and a pair of spruce oars. A brand new aluminum trailer and a pair of carbon fiber oars are available options.