Sooty Tern For Sale

Sooty Tern for sale.

Our Sooty Tern, WEE BONNIE, is a delightful, capable, sailing and rowing craft, well-suited for one or two people.

She was built from excellent materials to IaIn’s plans and has been maintained in top shape.

WEE BONNIE incorporates many of the fine touches McMullen and others have worked into their Sooty Terns.

This Sooty Tern is outfitted with light ground tackle, a sounding lead, compass, fenders, 3-part hoisting tackle, 4 removable ballast pigs (totaling 125 #’s) and a bilge pump.

Her rig is a lug yawl and includes all spars, sails, necessary lines, sheets, reef points, etc. The mizzen sheets forward to the cockpit through a hollow boomkin.

Both the centerboard and rudder blade can be raised for beaching.

She comes with a full-length travel/storage cover and is carried on a Karavan trailer equipped with LED lights and a wooden deck. Licensing for both the Sooty Tern and the trailer are current (California).

Length: 20’-2”

Type: Sooty Tern lug yawl

Hull Material: 9 mm plywood/epoxy

Designer: Iain Oughtred

Builder: Andrew Barclay

Year Built: 2014

Power: One pair of 9’-9” oars

Location: Los Osos, CA, US (Near Morro Bay, CA)

Asking price: $12,000